About Us

Our Story

While passing through multiple burning fields of grass, we came into contact with villagers who suffered great hardship and less fortunate circumstances. Today, there are many ethnic minority groups experiencing great poverty and lacking basic needs such as food and clothing. Disabled people who were born with birth defects due to the effects of agent orange passed down genetically through their parents, some who are deaf and with limited speech are employed here. Working here gives them a sense of purpose and belonging. The Thanh Uyen Roastery Sua Cafe gives them the opportunity to provide dedicated customer service. By supporting our coffee you are greatly helping to provide employment and change lives for the better. We are so thankful for your continued support : Let's share our smiles and happily celebrate life together !

Our Mission

I created Ong Van Charity project 7 years ago, with the aim of helping minority ethnic groups in the Quang Nam mountains.Now we are over 200 active members as well as 1800 members. And I give back 10% of the profits of the coffee shop for our project. Thanks to all these people and donations we already built 13 schools, and 4 wells. We help every month too : -By giving each month around 2 million VND to each school for food. We also give second hand clothes every two months. - We also help the poor people of Hoi An by distributing bread every morning. And a meal distribution in the city's hospital twice a month.

Our Products

We are a group of 22 members, of which 80 percent are persons with disabilities. For us, it is very important to give an opportunity and also to try to adapt each task. That's why handcraft comes to us, every person in the group can help and thanks to that we have a great selection of products. We are making lanterns and embroidery painting! Come buy one of our products help the whole community and give employment to more people in need.